America never will die as this is the way for the People to benefit versus just Thieves in the Temple, and that is why even if this Country does see troubling Times ahead you can think outside the Box to actually see a Change that we all can believe in. Their aims and objectives, although honourable, are not endorsed by the government, as there are appropriate mechanisms to address these issues through official channels. Both are worth reading.

Willy Bruce of Ottawa Canada should be congratulated for being the first Canadian to feature on our web site. The photo below depicts Day on the left sitting beside Barry Wright showing off Day's awards. Documents in the British Museum prove that Alexander Hamilton received payment from the Rothschilds for his deed in binding the US government and the States to the international Jewish bankers.

The People in each one of the Areas that a Bank operates will vote for the President to head it like we do with Politicians. The vast majority of those who claim to be Jews are not of Semitic origin.