A Remote Procedure Call RPC allows you to call or request another application and expect that application to honor the request answer the call. An array contains a list or vector of items such as numeric or string values. They cost people in the US hundreds of millions each year due to scams.

A Transient is temporal data identified by a custom name, stored in the web server database or memory for fast access. Once you have uploaded the plugin file, you should be able to "turn it on" or Enable it from the "Plugins" page in the administration interface of your weblog. Developers can create a custom Action using the Action API to add or remove code from an existing Action by specifying any existing Hook.

Six Apart started a working group in February to improve the Trackback protocol with the goal to eventually have it approved as an Internet standard by the IETF. Themes usually provide at least one sidebar at the left or right of the content.