Students then choose between a focus in either Geography or Geology. Dissertation Advisor and a Supervisory Committee When students have been admitted to candidacy, they must choose a departmental faculty member who is willing to serve as dissertation advisor. In the evolving and growing field of neuroscience, students who complete the IBNS concentration will have the appropriate training to succeed both within and outside of academia.

Approval from the certificate program coordinator prior to taking courses to satisfy the credit certificate requirement. Candidates may complete 6 of the 24 credits in mathematics by writing a master's thesis.

Each state represents a different level of power, from fully powered up to completely powered down, with partial levels of power in each intermediate state. Schmidt College of Science section for the undergraduate Environmental Science certificate, the graduate Environmental Restoration certificate and the Master of Science with Major in Environmental Science. Students may opt to take up to 6 master's thesis credits as elective courses, but the student must successfully complete a master's thesis for these credits to be counted toward the degree requirements.